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What is this all about?

We spent a lot of time in the van this summer on our most extensive tour to date. When that happens to a band, not only does everyone get really close, they develop their own language.

Krupa may have been the first in the band to sport facial hair, and when Jeff was in the band, he was known as the "Facial Hair Chameleon", but Mikles OWNS the beard. Long story short, for reasons I personally can't recall, he thought Nat should grow a beard. And he would bring it up all the time.

No, really. All. The. Time. (Think the word "beard" being repeated under his breath as subconscious mind control. It caught on...)

This has resulted in a lot of stories, some told elsewhere and some not committed to print so as to keep them deniable. However, the end result was that Nat finally wore down and agreed to do it. I jumped in too, while Krupa declined, under the claim of having long since found the perfect facial topiary, and you can't improve what God intended. (We're not sure if in this instance God is Krupa or more of the Judeo-Christian flavor.) And so, the Beard Races were born.

So, if we're gonna do it, why not do it for a good cause? Or three causes? And have our fans choose who has the best beard at the end of the month of Novembeard?

100% of the proceeds generated in the Beard Races will go to the winner's charity, to be announced on or shortly after December 1st.

Check out the Rules and start voting. Thank you!


Novembeard® is a 501(c) non-profit dedicated to championing and funding a variety of causes and charities and is a vehicle for Talking to Walls' ongoing committment that oh bugger no we're not. We're just a few guys with a silly idea and trying to do a good thing. 100% of the money raised will go to the winner's charity of choice. See "Huh?" page for more information.