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Welcome to the Beard Races for Charity! Here you'll find the latest information on Talking to Walls' Novembeard Festivities!


The thrilling conclusion...

The long wait is finally over! Novembeard comes to it's inevitable conclusion and the votes have been tallied. Everyone in the band would like to thank everyone for their generous donations for charity and beard-itry. Thanks to you guys, we raised $434.60 for the charity of our illustrious winner, Brian Kelly! Brian's charity, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, will receive a donation of the entire amount raised thanks to your votes. For more information on Brian's charity, check them out at:

We had a lot of people donating, but the winner of the grand prize of beard voting is: Kim Hallas. Kim's contributions have earned her a signed copy of We Were Not So Tall along with our thanks. Also getting a signed copy is the winner of the most popular 'Follicle Foto' is Ian Kreisberg with his mighty 'Novembeard' photo. The last prize is a selection of one of a kind Talking to Walls band memorabilia which goes to our randomly selected winner, TJ Murphy.

That's it for this year, stick around to see whether our intrepid beard-istas shave their newly grown straggly locks in amusing style or let it continue to grow. See you all next year!




It's 11:29pm. If anyone reading this is having trouble voting with Paypal donations, email ASAP with your name, address, your donation amount and who you are voting for. Make a check out to Talking to Walls, include "Charity Beard Races" in the memo, and mail it in to the address we reply to you with. So this way we can accept pledges.

Sorry everyone. No idea why this is happening.


Here we are, 7 hours from the close of voting, and Nat's beard is surging in the race. Can he close the gap? Who will be named Master Beardsman? YOU decide! Vote now!


We've raised about $259 so far! Tell your friends to vote today! Voting closes on November 30th!

We have been getting isolated reports of donations/votes not going through. Some people have tried a second time and it would go through. If you have not received a confirmation email from PayPal, the donation did NOT go through. There seems to be an intermittant issue with PayPal. If you are unable to cast your vote, and would like to, please email with the amount you would like to donate, and we will make payment arrangements with you. Sorry for any inconveniences.


We just finished practice and so took photos of our mighty fine beards. With the winner to be announced on December 1st, time is running out for you to cast your vote if you haven't done so!

Kid Viking

Ever have a hobo give you that "come hither" look? Scary, right?

Thus far, the results on the leaderboard are unjust, and Matt's ready to kill. With his beard.


Nat & Brian have some words to share...


Hey, look, we got some press in the Bridgeport Banner!

Matt made this video to tell Nat a very important message:


Here are the latest photos! Bit of an upset going so far on the leaderboard, but this beard race is far from over!

From Facebook: Day 17. I'm starting to worry that I haven't seen any growth in a few days. What if this is the best I can do...? Make me feel better by donating at!

Feeling good about the early lead, but worried it's only a matter of time...

How is a Hungarian named Miklos only in third place? He is MR. Beard! Come on folks, vote!


Aaaaand the votes are now coming in! Will have the first leaderboard update by 2pm this afternoon!


We're at the 12 day mark, and voting is open! Find out more about the rules and the charities involved!

You can't see, but I'm totally scratching a wax platter, or whatever the kids call it these days.

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?



Here's the four-day progress so far:

Approaching action hero status

Milking the handicap lead...

Not quite yet asserted his dominance


The fan photo gallery is now open! Submit your own beard photo!

11/1/10 - The Shave-in!

Here are the guys, all set for the inaugural shave-in for the Beard Races! Voting will not start for a couple of weeks, when the growth will start to kick in. Check back as we post updates every week!

Nat (not too much new here)

Matt (you don't see this very often!)

Brian (he received a handicap, on account of fair skin and lighter hair that won't show on camera)

Novembeard® is a 501(c) non-profit dedicated to championing and funding a variety of causes and charities and is a vehicle for Talking to Walls' ongoing committment that oh bugger no we're not. We're just a few guys with a silly idea and trying to do a good thing. 100% of the money raised will go to the winner's charity of choice. See "Huh?" page for more information.