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So, Father's Day 2014. I've spent much of the day around other people's fathers (congrats again to the Miklos and Kravitz families - last night's wedding gave you some awesome new relations). Now, as the day ends, here is me being with my Dad.

We didn't see eye to eye about a lot of things, when he was alive. Not in the "I'm gonna leave home at 15 and take lots of drugs and be in ratty punk bands" sort of way. Just different people, who were placed in a situation that didn't make the love any less.

Standing here on the edge of 10 years since I knew it would be your last Father's Day. I wish I could remember more of that day... but so much of those last 6-8 months is a blur. I can only think that, minus all of the days that I want to walk off the face of this earth (which is not your fault, it's my own chemical imbalance that I work through) you made me a better man. Even if it makes me work harder than I should have to, be a completist when I don't have to, and see things through further than I should have any responsibility for, I am proud of the man you made me become. You may not have understood me, and at the same time said "you can be whatever you want, you can do this" along with "I don't know why you are wasting your time with that" - despite all of that, I still love and miss you. You did the best you knew how. And that is all anyone can ask of themselves. To do the best they can at that given moment.

A given moment. That's the thing I believe in.

Necessary Disclaimer: I'm pretty tired, had a couple of gin & tonics (his other favorite was the Manhattan) and I haven't played this in...a couple of years, unless someone can correct me on that. Anyway...

-Brian, June 16, 2014

We have had a busy year or so. Which is why you haven't seen much of us. We have been doing lots of work with other artists. We had a lot of personal stuff to deal with as individuals. A couple of us moved. Some big life changes. And we needed to take a break. 

We were hoping to release a single around August, 2012. That didn't happen, as it turned into a single with two b-sides. And then, the longer it took, the more songs got written. We played some of them on the 2013 Black Hearts Parade run in March. More has been written since then, including one song written at Nat's wedding.

So much for a "quick" release. We are now mixing as we go, the artwork is completed, and a new website coming along (obviously). 

We haven't booked any shows because we want to finish this new dream of ours, and bring it out to you bigger and better than ever before. However, we are coming out of our den to play a couple of shows with Yoann, before he moves to Barcelona next month.

"Soon, there'll be time," or so our song goes...

-Talking to Walls
October, 2013

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